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Pure Advantage functions as both a generator and communicator of knowledge, undertaking and supporting a variety of green growth-focused research activities and outputs. Through this work, we seek to disseminate cutting-edge theory and practice that will transform how New Zealanders understand and manage the relationship between the environment and the economy. We advocate for economic models that generate both profitability and positive social and environmental outcomes. In promoting these models we seek to uphold the ethical imperatives of impact investment while also dispelling any lingering misconceptions around wealth creation and environmental protection being contradictory goals.

How Ambitious do New Zealanders want to be on Climate Action

With the Government proposing to introduce a Zero Carbon Bill by the end of the year, climate change legislation is getting set for its biggest shakeup in 20 years.    Through its recent consultation, the Government asked New Zealanders their views on what a net-zero target should mean, whether we support a UK-styled climate commission, and how we should prepare to adapt to the impacts of climate...

Can we Leverage our Enthusiasm and Drive Solutions to Scale?

The following is our submission on the Productivity Commissions draft report on transitioning to a low-emissions economy – ed.  Pure Advantage was founded on the belief that through the adoption of transformative economic strategies based on green growth, the people and businesses of New Zealand will realize a healthier, wealthier future that is more sustainable in every sense. This...

Our chance to lead

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made waves in the lead up to the 2017 election when she labelled climate change her generation’s ‘nuclear free moment’.    She’s right, of course. There’s never been a stronger moral imperative to tackle one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. But taking action on climate change also presents enormous opportunities for New Zealand to build a thriving...

Vast majority of New Zealanders want action and leadership on climate change.

Today Pure Advantage released the results of our Climate Survey which talked to 1000 New Zealanders about their perspectives on New Zealand’s climate policy position. The results show that a vast proportion of New Zealanders have the appetite required to effect change and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Following the US announcement that they would withdraw from the Paris Climate Change...

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