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A Truly Sustainable COVID-19 Recovery

To paraphrase the saying – are we wasting a crisis?  With $20b still in the Government’s kitty, it is too soon to tell. But with $30b spent, there isn’t much to suggest Aotearoa New Zealand will re-emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown with a pathway to a more sustainable future.  From what we saw in the Budget, there is little bravery or vision in the Government’s response. They have...

The Sartorial Skin You Are In Pt. 1

Part 1: The current state of the fashion industry. The word ‘fashion’ can evoke an elite clique of creatives to which ordinary clothes wearing people like you and me can feel excluded. But unless you are reading this in the nudey, and all power to you if you are, your clothes wearing self is part of the global clothing system. Fashion, far from being frivolous, is one of the largest and most...

The Sartorial Skin You Are In Pt. 2

Part 2: How to build a better clothing industry, for everyone Clothes Neither you nor I, but our washed-out clothes: shirts, kameezes, and briefs under the starry sky on the clothesline whisper with each other… ~Bankim Let There is no sugar coating the seismic disruption the pandemic has created for the clothing industry. New Zealand, small and remote, is in a unique position to build a better...

Informing the Future with Regenerative Agriculture

We must learn how to work with nature, not against it. In all we do. Nature’s rebound is one of the upsides of the otherwise calamitous Covid-19 crisis. Atmosphere and waters cleared, the land quietened, and birds, fish and animals returned. When we took our foot off the neck of nature, she responded with renewed vigour and resilience. But we gave nature only a temporary reprieve while lockdown...

Introducing Our Regenerative Future

Regeneration in the ecological sense encapsulates the renewal, restoration and revitalization of our natural systems to ensure we live within our natural planetary boundaries. The drastic social and economic changes currently being wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic are an opportunity for the world to get the balance right at last and pursue a regenerative future grounded in deeper connections...

Insight into Regenerative Agriculture in New Zealand: The Good, the Bad, and the Opportunity

The good, the bad, and the opportunity of regenerative farming in NZ  In November, 2019 a group of 85 farmers gathered in a mixed cropping farm and a dairy farm near Leeston, Canterbury, to find out what they could learn about regenerative agriculture. They marveled at healthy pasture, dug in the rich black foot-deep top soil, heard stories from their peers, and visited some happy, healthy cows...


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