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Pure Advantage commissions and solicits content – articles and thought leader pieces – to be published on its media platform and shared across other media. This content investigates, communicates and encourages debate around business-focused opportunities that will improve New Zealand’s future green economic growth and social and environmental performance.

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Comparing apples with apples to achieve consistent carbon footprint calculations

The Carbon Footprint Standard is one year old In August 2018, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) published the first standard for carbon footprinting of products: ISO 14067:2018. On the ISO’s anniversary together with Daniele Pernigotti, the convenor of this ISO working group we look back and discuss why the standard is more relevant today than ever. The standard development...

The value proposition of the Blue Economy for local communities

Fostering the 4 Well-Beings In my last article I touched on what it means for the ocean economy to be blue; exploring definitions of the Blue Economy and highlighting in particular, the need for sustainable growth in our oceans to meet a variety of economic, social, cultural and environmental outcomes. In this article, I explore how local communities can benefit from the Blue Economy and...

Re-thinking money and business

A roadmap towards sustainable finance For too long finance has been primarily about returns and risks. The ethics of how the funding is used have often been considered irrelevant. This has fuelled investment into pollution and exploitation with pervasive negative impacts. There has been little attention given to prioritising investments with positive social and environmental impacts. That’s the...

Five ways Pacific businesses are building a more sustainable future

Stories of commercial environmental advantages originating in Europe, America and Asia can be seen to dominate headlines in the green space, but if we look closer to home for solutions to environmental challenges we can find them. Contributor James Araci identifies five sustainable advantages emerging from the Pacific and offers his thoughts on the connections and opportunities to grow New...

Blue is the new Green

In this series of articles on the Blue Economy, marine sector environmental consultant, Fraser Stobie, unlocks some new thinking about the world’s aquatic economy, here’s the first article. The Blue Economy first started receiving attention as a stand-alone concept in 2012 as the world contended with sudden growth in ocean economies intermingled with increasingly rapid deterioration of...

3/3 – Can New Zealanders keep flying and reduce their carbon footprint?

Paul Callister and Wallace Rae consider, one of New Zealand’s emissions elephants in the room – aviation – and share views in this series of three articles (Pt.1 & Pt.2).  Part Three – The Solutions Alternative aviation fuels In our first article we explored the climate change problem faced by the aviation industry and in the second we considered many of  the challenges we...


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