Waste To Value

Waste To Value

The Greenest White

There’s a kind of magic to what Avertana does with waste. Using a novel chemical process, the Auckland-based startup is able to transform the rock-like waste from steel production into valuable minerals used in everything from...

Waste To Value


If I told you that there was a soil amendment capable of: sequestering carbon; improving water holding capacity; increasing pH and CEC; capturing, holding and preventing nutrient leaching; reducing the need for mineral...

Waste To Value

Offcut Caps

It started with a trip to my old man’s curtain textile warehouse in Christchurch last year. I’d been to his work many times before and remember jumping around in the soft off cut waste bin with my sisters as a kid. But on...

Waste To Value

Total Treatment

For those of you who weren’t aware, the process of dealing with human waste is a messy matter. Financially and environmentally. According to one of New Zealand’s Science and Technology Crown Research Institutes, Scion, the...

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Resene has been a leader in quality paint production since 1946. The family-owned Lower Hutt company is a household name in New Zealand, renowned for its quality production of colours, coatings, wood stains and paints for...

BioProducts Waste To Value

Potato Pak

HAVE YOUR PLATE AND EAT IT TOO Can you remember every plastic-encased takeaway meal you ever purchased and threw away? Conventional packaging plastics such as polystyrene are oil-based, toxic and non-biodegradable, consuming...

BioProducts Waste To Value

3R Group

Our clean and green New Zealand brand is an essential factor to the success of New Zealand exports. But in order to maintain premium positioning in overseas markets, New Zealand’s competitive advantage must be zealously...

Waste To Value

Living Nature

Founded in 1987 by Suzanne Hall, Living Nature is one of the world’s original truly natural brands of skincare.  Over 24 years Living Nature has pioneered truly natural skincare and personal care solutions based on New...

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