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Manchester Street

A red brick heritage wall once dominated the street frontage at 399 Manchester Street, in Christchurch. The wall collapsed during the 2011 quake, destroying a piece of Christchurch’s urban history but opening a path for an...



What constitutes a cleaner, greener economy? Which indicators will allow products, services and organisations to reliably quantify and demonstrate their environmental credentials? In the context of escalating greenhouse gas (GHG)...

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Resene has been a leader in quality paint production since 1946. The family-owned Lower Hutt company is a household name in New Zealand, renowned for its quality production of colours, coatings, wood stains and paints for...

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Climate Change. That big, incomprehensible, ungraspable monster. For the everyday person, there is often a feeling of powerlessness and disconnection when it comes to wicked problems like a warming planet. Enter Celsias.com (and...



Batteries may look simple, but due to their complex chemistry they remain one of the toughest jobs in technology today. Conventional batteries contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium, which contaminate the...



For more than three decades, Ricoh Company Ltd. has proactively followed and implemented a vast array of environmental sustainability practices. With offices in over 180 countries and more than 108,000 employees, the 75-year-old...


Robert Swan on 3 News

Robert Swan talks to 3 News about his Campaign 2041. The 3News article states that the Polar explorer and environmental leader Robert Swan is on a mission to educate young people about the importance of preserving Antarctica as a...


Soar Printing

Founded in 1920, Soar Printing is an excellent example of applying practical sustainable business solutions to reduce operating costs and improve productivity.  Printing is an industry that has gone through enormous change...



Starfish is a New Zealand made women’s and men’s clothing label based in Wellington. Founder and designer Laurie Foon creates innovative and quality clothing, which focuses on the New Zealand lifestyle and environment...

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