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Thought Leader

Six Capitals: Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, I looked at how the environment and sustainability is a brilliant proxy indicator for overall quality of a company’s management. I reiterated how accounting across the six capitals reverses the source...

Thought Leader

Six Capitals: Part 1

Company Reports: The surprising reason why firms must account for the six capitals: PART 1 We’ve just had that season again – no, I don’t mean for giving presents, but for presenting company reports. Eye-glazing for most of...

Thought Leader

Let’s imagine.

Let’s imagine a society based on human flourishing and respect for the natural world. When you look around what do you see? What is it that keeps society ticking over; same old, same old, until – all of a sudden – something...

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Earth’s ecosystems will change faster in the next 100 years than they have since a comet or meteorite impact exterminated the dinosaurs. This change will be catastrophic for many species of plant and animal, possibly even...

Thought Leader

Flights of Fancy

Is it better for the environment to fly from Wellington to Nelson than take the ferry and a bus? Some claim the former but is this simply a flight of fancy? The issue of carbon footprints came up when a friend of mine was out at...

AgriTech Thought Leader

Zero Tillage

When asked what the linkage is between food security and climate change, most people don’t have a ready answer. Some see climate change as threatening how well food plants will grow in future, but they don’t see many other...

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