Renewable Energy

Housing Renewable Energy


“It all began because I wanted a hot shower when I came in from the Coromandel surf.” So says Richard Gourley, the man behind the ‘PlexiSun’ solar thermal collector range showing at this year’s Fieldays. From devising...

Renewable Energy

Chasing the Sun

Raghu Belur is the co-founder of Enphase Energy, a San Francisco-based energy technology company whose catchphrase is “we make solar simple and energy smart”. Belur was an engineer with two decades of experience in clean...

Renewable Energy


Mini-reactor provides inexpensive, rapid turnaround and safe system for industry product development. A mini hydrothermal reactor has been commissioned by Scion at its Rotorua site as part of a project undertaken with additional...

BioProducts Renewable Energy


It’s cheap, sustainable, and increasingly in demand, but extracting geothermal energy from the earth’s core is no picnic. For power station operators, one of the most vexatious and costly headaches is the presence of minerals...

Renewable Energy

Clean Disruption

We are on the verge of the most radical transformation in energy and transportation ever witnessed. According to Tony Seba, internationally renown business disruption and clean technology thought leader and Stanford lecturer, the...

Renewable Energy

Working Towards 100%

In the summer of 1982 while on holiday, my family took a detour to Cromwell so we could visit the valley that would be flooded by the hydroelectric dam on the Clyde river. I remember being confounded by the idea. The road I was...

Renewable Energy


HELLO, SUNSHINE SolarCity is New Zealand’s only all-in-one solar power company, having put more Kiwi-made panels on homes and businesses than anyone else. SolarCity works with architects, homeowners, businesses and developers...

Renewable Energy


Although international maritime transport is considered to be the most energy efficient mode of mass transport, contributing to a mere 2.7 percent to global CO2 emissions, the UNFCCC note that further improvements are required...

Housing Renewable Energy Smart Grid


New Zealand’s largest employee-owned engineering and related consultancy services groups in the Asia Pacific region – Beca – is an exemplary case of a large New Zealand multinational organisation that has proactively and...

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