Housing Smart Grid


This year during Global Entrepreneurship Week, in the spirit of celebrating all that New Zealand has to offer, Pure Advantage have teamed up with Kiwi Connect and the Edmund Hillary Fellowship to promote some of the incredible...

Housing Renewable Energy


“It all began because I wanted a hot shower when I came in from the Coromandel surf.” So says Richard Gourley, the man behind the ‘PlexiSun’ solar thermal collector range showing at this year’s Fieldays. From devising...


Healthy Living

When is it that we forgot about nature? Increasing evidence shows that natural materials, both in and outside your home are better for your health. Health and well-being embraces both physical health, and the psychological...


Open Source Housing

Open source. It’s a concept from the world of software development, where programmers often collaborate to improve code then share the results at no cost. But could the open source approach also help solve the vexed issue of...

Housing Uncategorized

Manchester Street

A red brick heritage wall once dominated the street frontage at 399 Manchester Street, in Christchurch. The wall collapsed during the 2011 quake, destroying a piece of Christchurch’s urban history but opening a path for an...


An idea whose time has come

In a factory at Rolleston, near Christchurch, the future of the way we build houses in this country is up for grabs. Known as the ‘Concision’ plant, it’s a suitably vast edifice for such an ambitious project, 4,500 square...


Building Healthy Houses

New Zealand has been called the “land of the unhealthy house” and it seems we’re still building them that way. Despite tougher energy-efficiency standards introduced this century and greater uptake of double glazing and...


Energy Mad

The incandescent light bulb hasn’t changed much since its invention in 1879. A typical bulb turns only 5% of electricity into useful light, and has a lifetime of about 1,000 hours. For well over a century this old-fashioned...

Housing Renewable Energy Smart Grid


New Zealand’s largest employee-owned engineering and related consultancy services groups in the Asia Pacific region – Beca – is an exemplary case of a large New Zealand multinational organisation that has proactively and...

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